Enterprise VoIP Technology

The Main Advantages of Using A Residential VoIP Provider

The benefits of using Voice Over IP, otherwise known as VoIP, is the large amount of features included in the monthly fees. Whether you own a small business or a multi-location complex, there are features in the VoIP plans you can utilize that normal phone companies simply cannot compete on. And a huge reason why more and more people are moving over to business VoIP is that they are not stuck with expensive hidden fees, such as tax and the all those odd service charges traditional phone companies like to charge but can’t explain. Selective VoIP packages also provide a great service to people who operate a home business. The features offered by VoIP service come in very handy with a small home business. Being able to calculate your monthly expenses and knowing that everything is covered under the one fixed cost makes doing the accounts and calculating budgets each month a whole lot easier.

Can You Call International Phone Numbers With VoIP?

Calling international phone numbers is absolutely possible and for an extremely good price. Using VoIP to call an international number may cost a lot less than a conventional landline due to the VoIP network and whether that VoIP provider has a big enough presence in the country you are calling. The larger the presence, the cheaper the call is set to make. Every country of the world including the United States has developed their own telecommunication technologies, have their own networks, obstacles, rules and regulations. So yes, if you are using a VoIP Provider and they have a large network in the country you are calling, it is likely you can talk to someone on an unlimited talking plan. Cell phone networks act much like their VoIP sisters and provided they have enough of a presence in that country will offer a slightly higher charge for that cell phone call. And if you happen to call someone on the same VoIP network it is usually free no matter where you are in the world.

Calling Features Of Business VoIP Plans

Most business VoIP Plans come with a series of FREE calling features that certainly offer a business a great deal. Some of these features are:

  • Address Book
  • 3-Way Calling
  • Call Forwarding
  • Call Waiting
  • Choose Your Area Code
  • HD Voice
  • Incoming Caller ID
  • Number Porting
  • Mobile App
  • Online Call Log
  • Simultaneous Ring
  • Virtual Second Line
  • Voicemail



Broadband Internet (Cable or Fiber)

If you are looking at joining a Residential VoIP Provider you will need at least the bare minimum, an extensive amount of bandwidth to sufficiently use the features and the sound quality. We’re talking a minimum of 3Mbps upload speed. The optimum level of bandwidth needed to operate the VoIP plans needs to be fast.

Would You Choose An IP Phone Or A VoIP Adapter (ATA)?

When it comes to choosing your equipment you have to keep in mind what kind of VoIP company you go with and what equipment they provide as part of the monthly plans. You do not need to get the equipment from the VoIP provider, but there are a variety of ways to get hooked up to VoIP. An ATA lets you use a legacy phone over the VoIP network. IP Phones which are becoming very popular plug directly into your router or modem. IP Phones makes it simpler to use all the features offered by the VoIP Provider. Just like a regular phone.



VoIP Line vs. Landline Phone Service

Traditional landline phone services are decidedly simpler in their features. They only can send and receive calls and if you are signed up to a monthly plan, you will notice that even a 30-minute call to a neighboring country will cost you dearly with hidden fees as well as expensive service charges. Admittedly, you can have multiple phones around the house depending on your set up so that is something that is quite irrelevant. But on the whole a landline offers very little in the way of robust features. However, on the other side of the coin, VoIP Phone Companies offer more of a networking and convenient way to set up a line. As a VoIP consumer, you can set your IP phone to forward to your cell phone, receive faxes, play music, reject calls and a plethora of other handy features. And if you wish to keep your old phone number you can simply port your existing number to the IP Phone with virtually no problems at all. Once you are used to this newfangled device it does really become an important part of your home. Adopt the VoIP environment and truly experience a hands-off, low cost and efficient phone service that ALL the family will enjoy.

The Advantages Of Switching To VoIP From Traditional Phone Service

Once you try the VoIP IP Phone and sign up for a monthly deal, you have the ability to call anyone, anywhere in the world for one low cost making this an efficient way to budget and plan your expenditure. Over time, you will save a tremendous amount of money, time and headaches. So switch yourself over to one of the most popular VoIP Providers and enjoy peace of mind knowing you’re just a call away from your loved ones across the world. For just pennies on the dollar, calling your loved ones becomes a terrific reality. What are you waiting for?


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